Trugman-Nash, Inc.

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Our Cheeses


We are a full-service company, offering a number of specialty products.

Australian Cheddar:

A mild, clean-tasting cheese, with no artificial coloring. Comes in 20 kilo blocks, and can be cut into 4x11 lbs (full cuts) or 6x7.5 lbs (sandwich cuts), as well as an 8-ounce package. Kosher Cheddar cheese is also available.

Goya Cheese:

Goya is a semi-hard to hard Italian-type cheese with a strong aroma and firm body. It weighs approximately 5 kg.

Hard Grating Cheese:

As its name implies, this is a hard cheese perfect for grating. It is an Italian-type rind-less cheese, with smooth surfaces, and is sold in 20 kg rectangular blocks.